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By reading any reports, articles, newsletters, presentations, papers and/or Twitter posts (together the “Articles”) written by Viking Analytics contributors (the “Author”), the reader understands and agrees to the following:

  1. The Author is not a Professional Investment Advisor.  The Author is not a CPA, CFA, nor a registered investment professional or licensed broker, and therefore explicitly denies that his opinions are expert in any way.   The reader is encouraged to review publicly available information and perform other research before determining whether they agree with the opinions of the Author.  
  2. Publicly-Available Information Is the Only Source of Information.  The Articles written have been prepared from a review, analysis and interpretation of publicly available information from various sources.  It is possible that transcription, formatting, and interpretation errors occurred when the accessed such information, or the Author may have misunderstood or unintentionally taken the public information out of context.   The sources that the Author relies upon may not provide accurate or up-to-date information.
  3. Purpose of the Articles.  The Author is a non-professional investor making non-professional observations for the purpose of discussion and open communication and analysis of financial markets and investment choices.  As a non-professional investor, the Author seeks clarity and understanding in his investment decisions, and may write Articles in order spark discussion and dialogue regarding investment decisions.  All Articles should be understood as an attempt to create open dialogue and discussion.  Articles are not intended to be a recommendation for a purchase or sale of securities.
  4. Articles Are Author’s Opinion ONLY.  The Articles, both in terms of content and conclusions, are opinions of the Author and never statements of fact.  The author’s opinions are based on his understanding of current information may change substantially without notice. 
  5. The Author May Have a Financial Stake in Financial Securities that are mentioned in the Articles.  The Author may choose to take action on his personal opinions and take long or short positions in securities that may be mentioned in the Articles.  Such personal investment decisions by the Author, based upon personal opinions, may change in whole or in part without any obligation to notify the reader.  Nevertheless, the opinions presented in the Articles are never intended to provide advice for any investment.  Always seek professional advice before making any investment. 
  6. The reader assumes full risk and responsibility for his or her actions.  The reader agrees it will ACT ON ITS OWN RISK by whatever action (or inaction) it may take by agreeing with, or disagreeing with the opinions of the Author.
  7. The Author is fallible and often incorrect.  The reader understands that there is both public and non-public information in the possession of others that could lead many to disagree with the Author’s analyses and opinions.  Any of the Author’s statements, estimates, projections and opinions may prove to be substantially inaccurate and are inherently subject to significant risks and uncertainties beyond the Author’s control.  It is possible that any opinions or conclusions presented by the Author are entirely incorrect and inaccurate. 
  8. The information provided in every Article is incomplete. The Author does not in any way guarantee that he is providing all of the information that may be available on any topic written. The Author recommends that the reader do his own due diligence and consult a registered financial advisor before making any investment decisions.  The Author makes no representations, and specifically disclaims all warranties, express, implied, or statutory, regarding the accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of any material contained in the Articles.  
  9. The information provided is in draft form.  All Articles may be considered to be a draft work-in-progress, and may be updated periodically and from time-to-time, although the author undertakes no duty to do so, nor to notify the reader if the Article is updated.
  10. Articles are never an offer or recommendation to buy or sell securities.  The reader understands that the information contained in the Articles is not an offer to buy or sell any security.  The Author is not recommending the purchase or sale any financial instruments.  The Author explicitly recommends that the reader consults his or her personal financial advisor before making any kind of investment in anything.